How to properly freeze berries

Berries (raspberries, currants, gooseberries, cherries, wild strawberries and strawberries) should be washed, dried a little and then put on a flat container. Place in the freezer and after freezing, pour into a container.

Pitted fruits (apricots, plums) should be cut in half and pitted before freezing. Then put on a tray and freeze. Then pour into a container as usual.

Fruits (pears, apples), which are usually used for drying or jam, can be prepared differently. Cut into small pitted pieces. Freeze a little on a plate, then transfer to a bowl and pour sugar syrup at the rate of 3/4 tbsp. sugar for 1 tbsp. water at room temperature. Close the lid and place in the freezer.

Frozen strawberries

Strawberries can be frozen in two ways:

  • Large and medium-sized, whole and dry strawberries are frozen, laid out on a tray in one layer and kept in the freezer compartment until completely frozen. The berries can be sprinkled with sugar before freezing.
  • Strawberries can also be frozen in jars in sugar syrup. Prepared berries are placed in clean dry jars, poured with sugar syrup (300 g of sugar per 1 liter of water) and cooled, then kept in the freezer for 24 hours. Jars of frozen strawberries are tightly closed with plastic lids and stored in the freezer.
  • Freezing cherries and cherries

    Prepared (washed, peeled from stalks and seeds) berries are sprinkled with sugar, packed in small containers lined with plastic wrap and placed in a freezer, where the temperature is maintained within -12-18, and stored at -12. In the same way, you can freeze gooseberries, dogwood, viburnum, etc.

    Freezing raspberries

    Raspberries can be frozen with or without sugar. Ripe berries are laid out in small containers lined with plastic wrap, sprinkled with sugar in layers, put in a cool place for 3-4 hours. Then the containers are covered with lids or foil and placed in the freezer. Defrosting raspberries during storage is not allowed.

    Frozen currant

    Currant berries (black, red, yellow, white) are washed, dried, poured into small containers or on trays and frozen. Those that were frozen in bulk are then poured into plastic bags and stored in the freezer. Used as needed.

    Freezing cranberries

    Cranberries are the most unassuming berry to store. Until the onset of frost, it can be kept in urban conditions on the balcony, and in rural areas - in the open air, flooded with water. With the onset of frost, the water must be drained, and the berries must be allowed to freeze. Whole, undamaged cranberries can be stored without freezing until spring.

    Things to know (Q&A)

    Do you wash berries before you freeze them?

    Use fresh blueberries that are completely dry when you pop them in the freezer. Don't worry about rinsing the berries before you freeze them ; simply place them , still in their original containers, in resealable plastic bags and store them on your freezer shelf.

    Can you freeze berries whole?

    Wash all fruit before freezing . Strawberries , blueberries , blackberries and raspberries can be frozen whole . Do not remove the hulls of the strawberries before washing to prevent the fruit from absorbing water. Allow the berries to drain and dry completely.

    Can I eat frozen berries straight from the freezer?

    Frozen fruits can often save us money, time and wasting fruit that we bought but sadly has gone bad. But more often that not we are unaware of whether frozen fruits can be consumed as they are. No, it is not.

    How do you freeze raspberries without getting mushy?

    Dry Freezing (unsweetened)

    1. Place the fruit in a single layer on a cookie sheet or baking tray (with raised edges).
    2. Place the cookie sheet into the freezer, keeping it level, and freeze until the fruit is solid. ...
    3. Remove from the freezer and transfer the berries into plastic freezer bags or other freezer containers.

    Is it OK to eat unwashed blueberries?

    Eating unwashed produce may cause you to ingest harmful bacteria, which may be present in the soil, or pesticides applied to produce in the fields. ... "Washing your fresh fruits and vegetables under running water helps wash away any dirt and potential bacteria that may be on the produce.

    How long do berries last in the freezer?

    How Long do Frozen Berries Last ? Frozen berries will last for up to 3 months when tightly sealed in freezer safe containers in the freezer .

    How do you unfreeze mixed berries?

    Put them in a microwave on the defrost setting for 30 seconds. Check the berries and repeat until the berries are defrosted (about 30 seconds for raspberries and blueberries, 1 minute for blackberries, and up to 2 minutes for strawberries). Immediately remove berries from the microwave to stop any cooking.

    What can I do with too many berries?

    Fresh berries make delicious jam and it is a fabulous way to use up a whole lot of them. Check out this easy strawberry jam recipe via All Recipes . Toss them into a salad! Add your extra berries to savory salads, they balance the flavours nicely.

    Are there worms in frozen strawberries?

    Since the bugs that emerge from the berries are the larval stage of a fly, these aren't technically worms ... they're maggots . It's pretty much the same method that you would use to remove worms from cabbage or broccoli. 2

    Can I thaw frozen fruit?

    Frozen fruit in the package can be thawed in the refrigerator, under running water, or in a microwave oven if thawed immediately before use. ... Allow 6 to 8 hours in the refrigerator for thawing a 1 pound package of fruit packed in syrup. Allow ½ to 1 hour for thawing in running cool water.

    How do you wash raspberries without getting them soggy?

    Basic Care and Handling of Raspberries

    Freeze any raspberries you haven't used up after three days to extend their shelf life. Raspberries can be stored in the freezer for up to 12-18 months, which means you can keep them on hand all year long!