Ryazhenka cocktail with raspberries

Calories: 100 gr - 54 kcal

Raspberry - 200 gr
Ryazhenka - 200 ml
Milk - 100 ml
Lemon juice - 2 tsp
Cream, fat 9% - 5 tbsp

The recipe for a ryazhenka cocktail with raspberries:
Start by setting aside a few raspberries for decoration. Then beat the remaining berry with a mixer along with lemon juice. Rub the resulting puree through a sieve. Place in 2 tall glasses of 1.5 tbsp each puree. Beat the remaining puree with fermented baked milk, milk and cream. Pour the milk mixture along the side of the glasses in a very thin stream. Decorate with whole berries and mint leaves.

Things to know (Q&A)

What does Ryazhenka taste like?

It tastes like nothing on earth - as a fermented product ryazhenka though is not sour at all. Quite the opposite, it is very smooth, creamy and even slightly sweet. Depending on its consistency, which can be runny or quite thick, ryazhenka is something in between a drink and a dessert.

What are the three most widely consumed drinks in Russia?

Officially vodka has 40% of alcohol and for many centuries has been the most popular alcohol drink in Russia .
Here is a list of most common Russian drinks :

  • Kvass. ...
  • Mors. ...
  • Kissel. ...
  • Medovukha. ...
  • Kefir, Prostokvasha, Ryazhenka. ...
  • Samogon (moonshine) and Vodka.

Why kefir is bad for you?

When taken by mouth: Kefir is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken for up to 12 weeks. Kefir can cause side effects like bloating, nausea, intestinal cramping, and constipation, especially when first started. These side effects usually stop with continued use.

Is Ryazhenka alcoholic?

Ryazhenka or ryazhanka (Russian: ряженка, Ukrainian: ряжaнка,) is a traditional fermented milk product in Ukraine and Russia. It is made from baked milk by lactic acid fermentation.
Ryazhenka .

Protein ≥3 g
Carbohydrate 4−5 g

What alcohol does Russian drink?

Gorilka is often considered the Ukranian brother of Russian vodka , though the drinks tend to be quite different; Russian vodka is usually made with rye, and gorilka is often made from wheat. Traditionally, gorilka was also not purified or distilled as much as vodka , and herbs were used to mask the impurities.

What do Russian kids drink?

Children mostly drink beer, which Russia doesn't classify as alcohol. The problem is getting worse as beer consumption has more than tripled in the past fifteen years.