Ginger has been known since ancient times and is used as a spice not only for salty but also sweet baked goods. Gingerbread has been known for a long time, but it is not so easy to bake them. First, roll out the dough to a thin thickness, and only then cut out the pieces necessary in shape.

If the gingerbread cookies have acquired a slightly golden hue and have risen, pull them out. It is necessary to store gingerbread on a flat surface so that they do not change their shape. We hope these little tips will help you avoid the hassle of making gingerbread.

Things to know (Q&A)

What are the three types of gingerbread?

The three distinct types of gingerbread are brown gingerbread , wafer-based gingerbread and honey gingerbread .

Are gingerbread cookies fattening?

Ginger cookies can be high in sugar and fat content. Ginger cookies fall into the category of "empty calories," according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's dietary guidelines. You should consume empty calorie foods in moderation.

Is gingerbread from Germany?

Gingerbread houses originated in Germany during the 16th century. The elaborate cookie-walled houses, decorated with foil in addition to gold leaf, became associated with Christmas tradition.

Should gingerbread be hard or soft?

Gingerbread cookies should be soft . They should be supple. They should bend to your teeth before the cookie skin breaks and the crumbs fall all over you. They should retain a bit of elasticity, and maybe you can even leave your fingerprints on the cookie if you hold them too hard because you're just that excited.