Great union of chicken, orange juice and red juicy plums

Historically, fruits and berries are combined with meat. From this combination, the meat benefits more - it is saturated with fruit sweetness and acid, which also helps it become softer.

This is a simple recipe in which the chicken spends several hours in orange juice flavored with ginger and garlic. This many hours of soaking will make the chicken juicy, and also allow the meat to properly absorb the aroma of garlic and ginger spice.

The marinade can then be disposed of in different ways. You can send it along with the chicken to the oven, and then the finished chicken legs will languish in a thick, fragrant sauce. Or you can send only part of the marinade to the oven, and then the juice will evaporate, and the chicken will be well fried. Or you can say goodbye to the marinade before baking and, before sending the chicken to the oven, put generous chunks of butter under her skin - then the bird will have a wonderful crisp.

Plums are ideal for this union - they have a lot of flesh, in summer they are more accessible than ever and they are easy to get rid of the stone. Plums can be anything: year-round red or seasonal blue. Or it can be cherry plum - then the sauce will be less sweet. And in general, plums can be exchanged for any other fruit, for example, it can be a ripe cherry - then the bird will get its sweetness and astringency. There may be apricots, figs and anything else. Experiment more boldly!


Pour orange juice into a deep bowl. Dip dried ground ginger, freshly ground black pepper, crushed garlic and salt into it. Pour in the oil. Do not waste freshly squeezed juice on this marinade - better drink it, and packaged juice from the store is fine for chicken. Mix everything thoroughly so that the ginger does not turn into a wet lump.

Chicken with plums


Dip the chicken legs in the juice. Let it be the legs - red chicken meat will ideally fit with orange marinade and plums. Put the chicken in the refrigerator for six hours. If it turns out a little more, no big deal. Periodically massage the chicken so that the juice and spices thoroughly saturate its meat. Do not rid the chicken of the skin - soaked in marinade, it will turn into a delicious crust.

Chicken with plums


Put the marinated and fragrant chicken in a deep baking sheet. Top it with orange marinade. If you think that the marinade is too much, pour half. But it is better to leave the whole - with a well-functioning oven, it will quickly turn into a sauce.

Chicken with plums


Wash the plums, cut them into halves and spread nicely evenly over the chicken. It is advisable to lay plums in holes so that they do not stick out much and do not burn during cooking.

Chicken with plums


Place the baking sheet in the oven preheated to 180 degrees. Bake for about an hour. Periodically baste the chicken with the marinade that has accumulated at the bottom of the baking sheet.

Chicken with plums