A website has appeared on the network, where more than 5000 old recipes and cookbooks have been collected - the database is called The Sifter. Its creator Barbara Ketchum has been collecting data for the project for almost 50 years.

Search is available by author, ingredient and culinary technology - you need to register to search. Books from the USA and European countries are available on the site: from the medieval catalog of De Re Culinaria from 800 to a treatise on British sweets from 1938.

Barbara Ketchum has worked at the Harvard University Library with the Culinary Collection and studied art history in parallel. At some point, she decided to combine her two hobbies and created a cookbook by which you can recognize the features of different eras. The project grew so much that her adult children helped with the final database.

Site of the day: more than 5,000 old cookbooks uploaded for free access

Ketchum suggests that the site will be useful for historical research. For example, typing in the word "cupcakes" in your search, for example, reveals that the term first appeared in a manual for middle-class housewives in the 1850s called Mrs. Putnam and Her Young Housewife's Recipe Book.