A very simple and tasty sauce, consisting of only two ingredients, which will take you no more than 10 minutes to prepare. It tastes sweet and sour, so it is suitable not only for desserts, fruit salads, but also for seafood dishes.


  • Multifruit juice 200 ml.
  • Butter 20 gr.

Tropical Sauce Step by Step Recipe

  • Pour the usual packaged multifruit juice into a saucepan, and reduce it by half.
  • Remove the boiled juice from the stove, add the butter and stir in the tropical sauce until the butter is completely dissolved. You will get the consistency of heavy cream, when the sauce cools, it will become twice as thick.
  • Tropical sauce can be served hot or cold.
  • Bon Appetit!
  • (Deutsch) tropische Soße
    (Français) sauce tropicale
    (Italiano) salsa tropicale
    (Português) molho tropical
    (Nederlands) tropische saus
    (Svenska) tropisk sås
    (Norsk) tropisk saus
    (Български) тропически сос
    (Română) sos tropical
    (Català) salsa tropical
    (العربية) صلصة استوائية
    (Čeština) tropická omáčka
    (עברית) רוטב טרופי
    (Lietuvių) tropinis padažas
    (Українська) Тропічний соус
    (Ελληνικά) τροπική σάλτσα
    (Eesti keel) troopiline kaste
    (Hrvatski) tropski umak
    (Melayu) sos tropika
    (Latviešu) tropiskā mērce
    (Türkçe) tropikal sos
    (中文(简体)) 热带酱